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Political Humour: Prentiss McCabe S01 E01 – Conservative Party


An audio version of TV’s Absolute Power

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The series was devised and written by Mark Tavener, and logically follows the series In the Red, In the Balance, In the Chair, and In the End which he wrote with Peter Baynham. In some of these, Prentiss and McCabe (again played by Fry and Bird) are elevated members of the BBC, before getting kicked out. Indeed, there is a scene on the last page of the novel In the Red, in which the newly appointed director general of the BBC gives them the sack. The idea is that after this they created Prentiss McCabe, which is the subject of Absolute Power. The tone and style of Absolute Power is so different from the In the… series that it can be regarded as a totally different programme. It was produced, like so much of Tavener’s work, by Dawn Ellis.

Prentiss is a man without morals, whose only objectives are money and power. He is portrayed as being the brains, while McCabe, though an excellent speech-writer, lacks his motivation and insight. McCabe’s ambitions include retiring and drinking claret, and he spends his life in a state of cynicism, lack of energy and boredom. McCabe (who describes himself as “a first class mind”) does sometimes have good ideas, but they usually become Prentiss’s ideas by the time they are presented to the client, and he lacks the energy to make more than mild objections. McCabe is also more likely to baulk at a scheme for moral reasons than Prentiss.

Stephen Fry said of Charles Prentiss, “He’s a brute of a man, out to win, with no morals; he’s completely shameless. There’s not much to say that’s nice about him, except that there is some pleasure in watching a natural born killer at work and knowing whatever happens he will win”.

Prentiss and McCabe often find themselves working on behalf of two rival clients, one of whom is often the shadier side of the Labour Government, often called their “Downing Street Retainer”. This is usually something of an inconvenience as Prentiss is met by Archie Hilditch (Tony Gardner, Alex Lowe), a faceless member of the Government, in a deserted location (such as Frank Dobson‘s campaign headquarters), and told he needs to ruin the popularity of the organisation that he has spent half the programme building up. For example, in one episode they’re employed by the government to increase the popularity of the European Union, while also being employed by the Eurosceptic newspaper The Sun to increase sales. It is probably a good thing in the end, as the firm relies on these payments since neither Prentiss nor McCabe seems to want to do any real work.

The third member of the company is Sandy (Siobhan Hayes), who is there as the office trainee, getting work experience for her NVQ level 2. She usually does all the work that the partners in the firm cannot be bothered to do, such as filling out thousands of public opinion polls in different handwritings, though she will only agree to do something if it can be twisted into one of the ‘nine levels of competence’ of her NVQ. Another member of the office is the useless Clive (Tom George) or as Martin calls him, ‘young, er, thing’, who often turns publicity stunts into bloodbaths. He first appears in series three, after Sandy leaves the company to become a nurse (although due to her fiddling with the accounts, she still gets paid).

Another regular character is Maurice, the waiter at McCabe’s club. Each time he serves McCabe’s claret, he corrects the English pronunciation of Maurice (Morris) to the French (Maur-ees), and each time Prentiss puts him down with a verse like “One man by circumstance is in splendour set; whilst another irons pants in a laundrette. Go and iron my pants, Morris”.

In series 1, one of the running jokes is the company trying to avoid working on “The Sir Harold Dixon Account.” Although he is never heard, it is known that he is a Conservative politician. As the series goes on, Sandy becomes more frustrated, and in the last episode she changes jobs and starts working for Sir Harold. However, after allegations of sleaze, Sir Harold is made bankrupt and Sandy returns to Prentiss McCabe.

In series 2, another character was created, Gayle Shand, played by Tamsin Greig. Gayle was a former employee of Prentiss McCabe and Charles’s former girlfriend, with whom she had a heavily sexual relationship (they often made love whilst listening to classical music). However, the relationship fell apart after Gayle told Charles that she was already married to an insect specialist from Philadelphia. She now runs a rival firm to Prentiss McCabe, which is a much larger company, and is often trying to win Archie’s contract, or is the agent of a rival client to Prentiss McCabe’s current one. For example, whilst Charles and Martin work for the PM via Archie, Gayle is the spin doctor for the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Prentiss McCabe always come up with a plan to keep Archie on their side, despite Gayle’s attempts to stop them, even trying to make Charles a partner in her firm.

Also introduced was her assistant, Janice, who suspected that Gayle’s personal rivalry with Charles did not lead to the best decisions.

In the last episode of series 2, Gayle was leaving for America, and made one last bet with Charles. She bet her company against Charles’s testicles that he could not make the Home Secretary say, “Prison doesn’t work”. Despite Charles’s best attempts, Gayle won because she bribed the Home Secretary, as she was having an affair with someone in the Home Office. Luckily, she called off the bet providing Charles could make love to her to the tune of the 1812 overture. Charles managed to get his own back, however, by planting some Class A Drugs in her suitcase as she left for America. Charles may nevertheless still have some feelings for her, and sometimes reminisces about their relationship.

A one-off special episode was broadcast on 3 November 2006, with Tony Gardner playing Archie. In the special, Martin goes to jail for seven years for fraud (having been implicated in the Cash for Peerages scandal). Archie, who has left New Labour, then blackmails Charles into giving him a job to prevent any more embarrassing information getting out about the company.

However, Charles soon learns that in fact Archie has framed both Martin and himself, with the assistance of Martin’s girlfriend, and they are planning to take over Prentiss McCabe. After Charles finds proof, Archie goes to jail and Martin gets released, but as he has been moved to an open prison, he does not feel like leaving too soon.

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