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Excuse me whilst I puke – #3: Treaty of Waitangi must be part of liquor licences – lawyer


From this morning’s RNZ Morning Report

A lawyer is arguing the Treaty of Waitangi should be taken into account when considering liquor licences. The Alcohol Reglatory and Licensing Authority is deciding whether to renew Flaxmere Liquor’s licence. Lawyer Janet Mason says Treaty principles should apply to the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act, given more than half of Flaxmere’s population is Maori. She spoke to our Hawke’s Bay reporter Anusha Bradley

This sort of rubbish makes Adam sick. It promotes societal division.

Applying Ms Mason’s ‘logic’ no doubt in other areas, where the ethnic balance is different the cultural mores of the largest population should apply. Ridiculous.

Geoffrey Palmer and Lord Cook of Thorndon should be pilloried for enabling this nonsense. So much for a tolerant society when one party seeks privilege at the expense of the rest of society. This use of the Treaty is racism of the worst kind.

  1. David Griffiths permalink
    11/04/2019 15:50

    Just another Bottomfeeder ( Lawyer ) fabricating a story to attract attention or somehow drum up business as to then put on the balaklava and extort money from people they have manipulated . They really are the lowest of the low , at least a Gangmember wears a patch to let us know what they are about , these things wear suits and fancy clothes paid for by money where they have fabricated invoices to extort money .


  2. Russell Evans permalink
    11/04/2019 15:31

    Perhaps i’m a little cynical,but I suggest ms Mason knew this would gain a bit of publicity and certainly wouldn’t hurt her future.


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