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Lunchtime Comedy: Robin Bailey – Potter – S03 E04


For many a long year, Redvers Potter has been head of the family firm – Pottermints (the hotter mints!).

A man used to being obeyed, he is authoritative and decisive. At 58, he has decided to sell the business. Mrs Potter, who has had the dubious honour of holding her position for some thirty years, has taken to vodka at the prospect of having her husband at home all day. She has long dreaded his retirement and is learning to cope with the extra time he now has to ignore her – or alternatively to advise her how to do things he should be doing himself. Not unnaturally, with time now on his hands, he tends to interfere with other people’s lives: “I’ll help people. That’s what I’ll do. They are usually simple creatures; bloody idiots most of them,” or rather, as his neighbours see it, “probe his nose into other people’s business!” Potter’s enthusiasm for ‘helping others’ though is equalled only by his ineptitude in so doing!

In 1982 after two hilarious series, Arthur Lowe sadly passed away – just as a third series of POTTER was in pre-production. Too advanced to be cancelled, Robin Bailey (Rumpole of the Bailey) stepped into the role for a further seven episodes.

SERIES 3 – EPISODE 1 Poor old Tolly, little does he know that Potter and his drinking companion, the Vicar, are conspiring to fill an imagined hole in his life.

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