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Growing white supremacy at Auckland University ‘utter nonsense’


The other day Adam posted an item related to claims by some Auckland University students of a white supremacy threat on campus. Adam was sceptical.

The claims received One News coverage as well

He has just come across this rebuttal by Auckland University reported at the RNZ website

Vice Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon said the university was dealing with two separate issues, confined to one faculty and involving a small group of students.

He said that was being conflated by social media and a “naturally enhanced sensitivity” following the Christchurch mosque attacks.

“There is absolutely no evidence of an increasing problem and where concerns are raised we act quickly to ensure student and staff safety,” Mr McCutcheon said in a statement.

The university took complaints seriously and, in both instances, students were offered support and were met with, even prior to formal complaints being laid.

“Of course, I am sorry that anyone feels threatened or unsafe. We do not condone any sort of harassment and we will always act.”

Mr McCutcheon said the university had a strong commitment to ensuring people on campus were safe from any form of harassment or discrimination, and anyone experiencing or witnessing it was encouraged to make a formal complaint.

He said staff had investigated reports of fascist graffiti and posters, but there had been no increase in the incidents of such material on campus and some examples shared on Twitter dated back at least two years.

“It is standard practice that all graffiti is removed by security as soon as they become aware of it.”

The scepticism Adam voiced in his earlier post may well be proved to have been justified, though we have yet to see how this all plays out.

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