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Trump promised pardon to acting DHS head, if he broke the law – Adam asks “America Where Are You?”


What has happened to America?

Adam worked with and for Americans for a great many years. Almost without exception he found them all to be pleasant and normal human beings.

What collective insanity possessed you to elect Trump who clearly has no regard for his office, nor his inaugural oath?

Furthermore, why do you continue to elect hise nablers, the bigots who infest the Republican Party – a party with a great tradition of progress and indeed to use, what has become today in the world’s toxic politics a proud record of liberalism.

As the GOP has moved right into the clutches of racists and bigots, so has the Democratic Party moved to the left into the clutches of the cliques of so called progressives, who are in many cases repressives.

In ythe wrods of the classic song ‘America Where Are You’ ?

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