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An old cynic muses on today’s Construction Sector announcement by the Ardern Regime


Adam will post more on this in due course, but a few random questions came to his mind when he saw the media announcements on a variety of media this afternoon

  • What bad news is about to come out which will damage the Ardern image?
  • Has Twyford made another mess up in KiwiBuild?
  • Is this anything more than another working group?
  • What does reduce risk mean?
  • Are the government now proposing to underwrite major projects?
  • The announcement seemed long on intent and short on substance?
  • Was it just an opportunity to put on a high vis vest and wear a hard hat at a jaunty angle, so as to generate more media coverage?
  • What does improve procurement actually mean?
  • Has this government now effectively established a procurement cartel?
  • What are the specific, measurable targets aspired to, under this initiative?
  • How will smaller contractors get a say?

No doubt other items will come to mind.

The MSM have just regurgitated the PR spin from the PM. It would be helpful if the public could get some real journalism for a change.

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