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RNZ – Documentary on the Christchurch Shooting


Documentary – One month ago today, Christchurch was hit by the worst modern day act of terror that this country has seen. Fifty people were killed in attacks on two mosques in the city. Dozens of others were injured.

The shootings of March 15 are still keenly affecting those caught up in them.

Some people are still in hospital with life threatening injuries, their loved ones scared to be at home or in Christchurch at all. Money and day-to-day living is also becoming a struggle. Others are grappling with their mental health.

Tonight we share with you their stories over the past month, narrated by our reporter Logan Church and videographer Simon Rogers, who were some of the first journalists at the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue, arriving just minutes after the shooting.

This is their story, in their words and the words of the survivors and those grieving the lost, on one of our darkest days.

From RNZ

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