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Honouring Israel Folau


Whilst I have issues with some of Michael Reddell’s comments, these are not with the central tenet that a sincerely held religious, belief should be attacked. This just is wrong!
Furthermore, whatever one might think of Folau’s beliefs he has proudly proclaimed them. For that alone, he deserves respect.

croaking cassandra

This blog is, mostly, about things to do with economics and public policy.   The stepping-off point was my background in monetary policy, financial markets, and financial regulatory issues over the course of a long career at the Reserve Bank, together with something I had come to care rather more about, the decades-long underperformance of the New Zealand economy and the associated policy failures.  I range more widely these days, but always try to anchor (dragging as the anchor may be) more or less close to policy and associated analytical issues,  with a heavy weight on New Zealand issues and perspectives.

The blog is also, these days, the forum through which the most people encounter me.   And thus it represents something of who I am.  When I set up the blog, I took the opportunity to note quietly (on the About Michael Reddell page) that my first loyalty was…

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