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NY Times – The Daily (a podcast): The Moral Complexities Of Working With Julian Assange (+ Some contextual comment from Adam)


Firstly some contextual comment from Adam

This issues causes Adam much heartsearching. Adam is a firm believer in free speech, but by his actions Assange has apparently endangered lives.

See this article by Alan Rusbridger, former Editor of The Guardian at The Washington Post. It seems that Assange is really a rather unpleasant person.  In addition this at The Atlantic repays reading as well.

Yet Adam remains somewhat conflicted.

Plus before the podcast – Dave Granlund


and Taylor Jones


Now the podcast

Many have considered Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, to be a hero of the free speech movement and a partner to journalists. He also came to be seen as a threat to national security. Then, he helped Russia interfere in a United States election. And now, he has been arrested. Our colleague tells us about the moral complexities of working with Mr. Assange.

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