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The Late Movie: Memories Never Die 1982 Lindsay Wagner, Gerald McRaney, Peter Billingsley



This 1982 made for tv movie sat on my shelves since 1985 because the tape snapped and I didn’t know how to repair it at the time. Over time I forgot about it. Recently I started converting my old VHS movies to digital format and thought I’d give a shot at repairing the tape. It worked. Anyway, Lindsay Wagner turns in an awesome performance as a woman who has been released from a mental institution after several years to return home after her husband becomes ill with heart problems. Everyone in the family but her knows what sent her to the go over the edge. Everyone knows the “secret” except her. Can she cope with being a mom to her children who are strangers to her now? Can the housekeeper who’s taken care of the children step aside? Can her husband trust her with their own children? Who will let her know what the secret is? Trivia: Lindsay was pregnant during the filming of this movie with her 1st child and started showing halfway through the production. To hide the fact that she was pregnant, the director had to film her from different angles and sometimes from the waist up and had her wearing loose clothing. “A Christmas Story’s” Peter Billingsley (Ralphie) plays Lindsay’s son in this movie. Drama.

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