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Sloppy Journalism #6: Not to be outdone, NZ Herald runs this piece of bilge


Earlier Adam had a post on a piece of sycophantic garbage about Jacinda Ardern at Stuff, but never to be outdone in sycophantic fawning to Ardern, we have this in the NZ Herald.

An extract serves to illustrate

On Facebook, the post has been shared more than 7000 times and received more than 68000 likes, with overwhelmingly positive comments.

“Truly awesome lady. We are lucky to have such a real person who cares at the helm of our lovely land,” a Facebook user wrote.

This is worse than the Stuff piece as it rehashes a Facebook post by Ardern at Easter 2014.2014!

Whilst there is a nod to balance, overwhelmingly this is a piece of crap. Intriguingly there is no byline. Is this a PR piece from the PM’s Office.

And the NZ Herald wants to introduce a paywall. They’re dreaming!



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