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Washington Post: Post Reports Podcast for 01 April 2019 – Joe Biden is an affectionate guy. Is that a problem for a 2020 run?


On a lighter note from from Matt Wuerker at Politico

Elise Viebeck on scrutiny over Joe Biden’s interactions with women. Caroline Kitchener on the only new Republican woman in the House. Plus, Christopher Ingraham on the amount of sex Americans are having.

In this episode

How appropriate is Joe Biden’s affection towards women?
As Biden prepares to announce whether he will run for president, he continues to face questions about his past — in this case, the appropriateness of how he shows his affection toward women.
Elise Viebeck is a politics and investigations reporter for The Washington Post. She’s been reporting on what Biden’s physical demeanor with women could mean for his presidential aspirations.
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The only new Republican woman in the House
The House of Representatives has 36 new women, but only one of them is a Republican: Rep. Carol Miller of West Virginia.
Caroline Kitchener, who writes for The Lily, recently traveled to Miller’s district.
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No sex, please, we’re millennials
Americans are having less and less sex. According to recent data from the General Social Survey, almost a quarter of American adults report being celibate in 2018.
Data reporter Christopher Ingraham analyzed the numbers.
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