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Washington Post: Post Reports Podcast for 04 April 2019 – What did AG Barr hold back from his Mueller report summary?


On a lighter note this cartoon from Clay Bennett – Chattanooga Times Free Press – 17042019


Rosalind S. Helderman on the people upset about what was left out of the Mueller report summary. David Ignatius on Jamal Khashoggi’s killing six months later. Plus, Jonathan Capehart on voices from the civil rights movement.

In this episode

All the things Barr’s summary of the Mueller report didn’t say
Democratic lawmakers are not happy with Attorney General William P. Barr after The Washington Post obtained information that his summary of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report omitted certain details. No one in Congress has seen Mueller’s full, nearly 400-page, report on the investigation into President Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Now, Mueller’s team indicates that it’s also not happy with Barr’s summary, saying it leaves out key details. Rosalind S. Helderman covers politics and joins Post Reports host Martine Powers to talk about why the Mueller team isn’t satisfied with the attorney general’s summary.
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More details on journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing
Six months ago Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and never walked out. Now, there are more details surrounding his killing. Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius was Khashoggi’s colleague. He was also his friend of 15 years.
Ignatius says he knows more about his friend’s death six months after his killing. Those details show how Khashoggi never left that consulate.
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51 years after MLK’s assassination, we hear from someone who was there
On April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated outside of a hotel in Memphis.
Civil rights activist Andrew Young spoke to The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart about what he remembers from that day.
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