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Sloppy Journalism #7: Can the Herald sink any lower? More Ardern bilge from NZ Herald masquerading as news


Again the NZ Herald serves up sycophantic pro-Ardern garbage, not behind the paywall, oh no puff pieces about Ardern are for the masses as the NZ Herald continues to fawn over the posturing poseur Jacinda Ardern.

An extract serves to illustrate

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her television star partner Clarke Gayford have announced they’re tying the knot. But with a country to run and a baby to look after, the couple have a lot on their plate before they even start trying to plan a wedding.

With that in mind, the Herald on Sunday has come up with a few ideas to help the happy couple plan their impending nuptials, in what is sure to be the wedding of the year.

Gayford a television star! Yeah right, and Adam is an astronaut.

Plus,they do not run the country, Ardern is nominally the Prime Minister and is supposed to lead what is laughingly referred to as a government.

Wedding of the year, crap.

And the NZ Herald wants to introduce a paywall. They’re dreaming!

This is beyond sloppy, it is nausea inducing bilge. It is a total disgrace. The so called article, longer than many opinion pieces and political analysis behind the paywall traverses vitally important bilge such as the cake, the dress etc, etc

Has the Herald finally reached rock bottom? I suspect not!



  1. Zelda Wynn permalink
    06/05/2019 09:26

    Could be like the Antolik/Sroubek Queenstown wedding of the year! Although I think they could top this with media hype & assistance.



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