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How to be Foreign Secretary ( originally aired January 1998)


Michael Cockerell ‘s series of how-to guides explaining the intricacies of top government jobs continues with a one-off programme revealing the tricks of a foreign secretary’s trade. Present incumbent Robin Cook and six former occupants of the position talk candidly about the challenges of the job while Cockerell demonstrates how the demands and scope of the office have changed over the years.

Transmitted on 4 January 1998.

Interviewees: David Owen (Foreign Secretary 1977-79), James Callaghan (1974-76), Lord Carrington (1979-82), Douglas Hurd (1989-95), Geoffrey Howe (1983-89) and Malcolm Rifkind (1995-97) as well as Robin Cook and Lord Renwick (former Foreign Office civil servant).

There were some excellent points made

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