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Will NZ cannabis referendum be binding? Or Andrew Little has been taking pinhead dancing lessons!


RNZ Morning Report

There are some bizarre aspects to this

The Justice Minister is guaranteeing next year’s cannabis referendum will be binding, but Andrew Little says he’ll explain exactly what that means when the details are announced. That could be as early as today. Ministers are expected to discuss the referendum in their Cabinet meeting this morning. National is questioning how it will work after it was leaked a Cabinet paper outlining four options for the type of questions which could be put to a public vote.

It was good to hear Corin Dann this morning

Last time I looked the OED defined binding as, in the adjectival sense which this is,

(of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken.

It is extremely hard for me to understand how there can be a differing interpretation, but then fortunately I am not Andrew Little.

I can see a lot of argument here

As Matthew Hooton notes

His comment is echoed by Idiot/ Savant

So commentary from the Right and the Left is of the view that Little and the Ardern ‘government ‘ are being deceitful.

Some might say what’s new!

This government is proving that for many of them, pinhead dancing is their only skill because they get so much practice.

I suspect that the announcement to be made by Andrew Little today will probably not please many people.

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