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Pathetic rubbish from Ardern at JustTransition conference


A totally pathetic announcement from Jacinda Ardern at the JustTransition conference in New Plymouth this morning.

Ms Ardern has said that for NZ today ‘climate change’ is our ‘nuclear free moment’ – so Ardern who with her Captain’s Call on oil and gas exploration destroyed a major industry. Unkind people have suggested that this Captain’s Call was to give her credibility at a Climate Change Conference. Naturally, I would not believe that, but……

Ardern announced that $27 million would be spent on establishing a clean energy centre in Taranaki and that a $20 million fund for research, contestable, would be established as well.

Frankly this announcement says to Adam that Ardern and indeed the Greens are not serious about this issue. This smacks of trying to cover up a major policy failure.

If Ardern were serious on this she would cancel the first year of tertiary fees policy and devote the money to this area. Then a difference might be made.After all Shaw claims the new Climate Change legislation is all about securing the future for the next generations.

At the same time she should tell Shaw that NZ has had enough of the Greens science Luddism and that GE and GM will be permitted. otherwise nothing will be achieved.

In addition, substantial investment in new hydro should be looked at with commitment to increase hydro storage capacity as we have an over reliance n run of the river hydro.

I wrote a couple of posts on this back in 2008 see here and here where the issue of shortage back in 2008 was considered. Since then we have had periodic problems because of objections to improving supply, often led by Greens. The RMA will need amendment.

Without such an investment any substantial switch to EVs will be impossible.

Of course that will not happen. Ardern much prefers empty gestures and photo-ops to actually doing anything


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