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This seems very wrong – Labour behaving abominably


In Stuff there is a story about delays to major roading projects in the Wellington Region. I may deal with that another day.

However, what I found very concerning was this, as reported by Stuff:

Officials from NZTA, Hutt City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, along with Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins, on Tuesday sat down with Transport Minister Phil Twyford to discuss the decisions.

Good, Twyford met with representatives from the affected area, plus relevant NZTA people.

Then we see

Hutt South-based Labour List MP Ginny Andersen, who was at the meeting, said she was confident progress could be made on the projects.

So two Labour MPs, but Ginny Anderson is a list MP,  she is not an electorate MP, though she stood in the Hutt South electorate at the 2017 general Election, but was soundly defeated by Chris Bishop who is the elected MP for Hutt South.

Now Bishop is a conscientious local MP so did he decide for some reason not to turn up.

Well no, and here is we get to my concern and it is a major one. Stuff reports:

Hutt South National MP Chris Bishop, who has started a petition calling for the interchange to be built urgently, was excluded from the meeting

“Unfortunately, despite being told I would be invited as the local MP, the government has excluded me from the meeting.

“[It’s] very disappointing, but I will keep fighting hard for the Hutt.”

On what basis was Bishop, an elected MP excluded from the meeting, but his defeated opponent was invited.

Bishop is the Hutt South MP, Twyford has denied the elected MP for Hutt South the opportunity to represent his constituents whilst affording his likely opponent at the 2020 General Election a seat at the table.

This stance taken by Twyford is totally wrong. It makes me think that this regime’s commitment to democracy is rather weak, when they will not allow an elected MP to be present at a meeting discussing matters of significance to his constituents but invite his opponent.

However, this seems part of a pattern as yesterday National MP Judith Collins tweeted:

So in the last 2 days Government Ministers have obstructed National MPs from performing their jobs.

Why is this?

What is Labour afraid of?

It seems that Twyford and Clark are being excessively partisan. Time for this nonsense to stop.

This truly is an open and transparent government.Yeah,Right!

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