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Christchurch Call: new excreta emerges


From the Guardian, albeit a news outlet that at times seems besotted with Ardern, yet it has some great articles

New Zealand PM will reportedly urge nations to enforce laws banning extremist material and set rules for reporting on terrorism


the pledge does not contain any enforcement or regulatory measures, and it would be up to each individual country and company to decide how it would honour its voluntary commitments.


A definition of violent extremist content was not included in a draft version of the pledge, and it would be up to individual companies to decide on what constituted objectionable material, the paper said. The pledge asked tech companies to enforce their terms of service, as well as “re-evaluate their algorithms that direct users to extremist content, and commit to redirecting people looking for extremist material”.

Total meaningless Crap

Then we get this

Ardern said many people did not seek out the video of the attack, but saw it unwittingly because “the proliferation of it was so extreme”. Ardern herself saw parts of the video when it appeared on her Facebook page shortly after the attack.

I call BS on this claim. Just what is her FB page tuned to. Apart from anything else she is the NZ Minister responsible for national Security. Therefore, I do not believe this.

So Ardern is asking NZ and the world to believe she wants to make global policy, because she ‘inadvertently’ saw something.

I call BS



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  1. davelenny permalink
    14/05/2019 19:37

    You are far too critical. If we can have zero carbon goals without enforcement measures, DHBs without explicit targets, a $3bn provincial growth fund whose recipients decide whether or not they have achieved undefined targets, we can surely have a voluntary international hate speech policy without definitions and enforcement. 🙂

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