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Golriz Ghahraman has another blurt


A new piece of stupidity from Golriz Ghahraman following report that UK Labour are planning a UBI trial.

UK Labour say they will trial UBI, yet this report by a union backed think tank makes a very strong argument against UBI

I suspect Ms Ghahraman is just blurting nonsense again

Plus this CNBCNews report with Nobel Prize recipient for Economics Paul Krugman debunks the UBI

I would rather take notice of Krugman, than Ghahraman

Furthermore given the economic damage about to be wreaked on the economy by the ill conceived Climate legislation there is no way a UBI will ever be remotely affordable

  1. 15/05/2019 10:03

    As the volume of work shrinks, we need to rethink how society will work. Technology is replacing old jobs faster than it can create new ones. And the new ones are always with lower pay, poorer conditions, and no security.

    There is a huge stoush in Oz right now about the Adani mine project and how many “jobs it will create”. We don’t know the exact number, but we do know it won’t be high paying jobs like we saw in WA during the last mining boom. Adani is planning to be the world’s first fully autonomous mining operation incorporating mine, railway and port.

    A UBI may or may not be the answer, but neither is business as usual.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      15/05/2019 10:06

      I agree change is happening, but Ghahraman was simply wrong with her assertion that UBI was the answer.


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