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Hatred of Jews terrifies me


This was part of a Guardian headline. In 2019 I am horrified to find this sort of headline appearing in media.

Even more appalling is how some politicians from both the right and the left either ignore it, gloss over it or deny it.

This is not acceptable.

On social media many get very exercised over very little, but I see very little about anti-semitism, much more likely is a crap article promoting hatred of Israel.

Israel has many faults, but it is a democracy.

It is not corrupt.

Disliking Israeli policies does not make you an anti-semite, disliking Jews does. However, very few differentiate including the media.

Personally I detest Netanyahu, however I would detest him whatever religion he espouses, my dislike relates to the man not his religion.

What is even more appalling is that unscrupulous politicians are using various anti-semitic tropes to denigrate politicians, world wide but especially in the USA.

And no, this is not a plea for regulation, in many ways the last refuge of a scoundrel.. This is an appeal for education

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