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It’s Wednesday and another politician wants to restrict what we see,hear and say


At Stuff there is an opinion piece by Golriz Ghahraman on the need for new laws to restrict freedom of speech.

As usual with this sort of nonsense it masquerades as being for own good.

Well, I don’t buy into this nonsense.

Just when we got rid of blasphemy laws in NZ, left wing ideologues such as Ms Ghahraman seek to effectively restore them,but with a wider coverage.

This is on the same day that Newshub reports that Ms Ardern is contemplating laws to block internet platforms such as Facebook,again for our own good of course.

The forces of oppression are on the March.

I find it appalling that the NZ media are so acquiescent in this assault on free speech.

Where is the Fourth Estate? Missing in action as they queue up to praise Jacinda Ardern.

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