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BBC Timeshift: The Lost Road – Overland to Singapore


In 1955 young producer of Travellers’ Tales David Attenborough was persuaded by six Oxbridge undergraduates to give some money & filmstock so they could film their unique overland journey by Land Rover from London to Singapore. The team fly across the Channel, travel through France, brewing tea at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Then onward through Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey. They inspect ancient ruins in Syria, learn to waterski in The Lebanon and spend time a Nairn Bus workshop in Iraq. They demo the landrovers to the Iranian Army, travel through Pakistan to India where they visit the Taj Mahal and the tea plantations of Darjeeling. Onto previously inaccessible Nepal and through fairly incessible Burma. There they are escorted by soldiers whose jeep they have to repair. Then through Malaya and onto the Singapore causeway where a welcoming committee awaits.

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