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MSNBC – Ari Melber: Judiciary Chair: Trump AG Barr ‘Is Just A Liar’


Trump continues his assault on the US Constitution and Congress

President Trump is defying the House Judiciary Committee’s demands, while also appearing to claim Congress should not be in the investigative business. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent, Ari Melber, breaks down how the battle lines are forming over whether congressional subpoenas will mean anything in the Trump era. Former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli tells Melber the “government will not endure” if Congress “cannot exercise oversight.”

Trump seeks to establish himself as an absolute ruler.

He is aided by sycophants like Barr and Mnuchin, abetted by McConnell, Graham and their cohorts in the House and Senate.

Will the courts stand up for the Constitution or will they let Trump have his way?

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