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PBS Frontline: Documenting Hate – #2


Documenting Hate is a project of ProPublica, in collaboration with a number of journalistic, academic, and computing organizations, for systematic tracking of hate crimes and bias incidents. It uses an online form to facilitate reporting of incidents by the general public. Since August 2017, it has also used machine learning and natural language processing techniques to monitor and collect news stories about hate crimes and bias incidents. As of October 2017, over 100 news organizations had joined the project.

Read this book to get more insights. Summer of Hate Charlottesville 2017: The Legacy of Race and Inequity

Part two in the ProPublica/Frontline series”Documenting Hate”. Extras included: Democracy Now! interview with A.C. Thompson – producer and senior reporter on the series; as well as a CNN interview with Christian Picciolini, ex-Neo Nazi Bonehead and the founder of Life After Hate.

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