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The Detail – a podcast from RNZ/ Newsroom: Calling Christchurch from Paris


A Podcast from RNZ and Newsroom 

On Wednesday, world leaders and tech giants will meet in Paris to talk social media. Specifically, they will be looking at how to stop extremism spreading online, in the wake of terror attacks like that seen in Christchurch. Sitting in the room will be some of the biggest technology giants in the world; Facebook, Twitter and Google among them.

The summit’s dubbed the Christchurch Call and was announced in April by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern alongside France’s president, Emmanuel Macron. But on the eve of the summit, exactly what is being discussed, or what result Ardern and Macron are hoping for, is still unclear.

“The way that I’ve described it is a set of specific expectations on government… and internet companies as well,” Jacinda Ardern told reporters when announcing the summit.

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The topics are getting better

According to Newsroom,

Newsroom has been commissioned by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund to produce a new daily news podcast designed to explain the stories behind the headlines. 

Called ‘The Detail’, it aims to help listeners dive deeper into the big stories to help give an understanding of what’s really going on. We will pick out the news that matters and explain it in detail and in context.

The Detail will be fronted by journalists Sharon Brettkelly and Alex Ashton, and produced by Alexia Russell. We will be drawing on not only Newsroom’s award-winning journalists, but the best reporters from throughout the country; along with experts in their fields.

I remain concerned that the pledge as announced will provide a figleaf of respectability for censorship and obnoxious hate speech legislation.

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