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Joolz Guides: Hidden Gems London Walking Tour – St James’s Palace to Trafalgar Square


Another of these fun, quirky videos

One of the many reasons I like these videos is that he visits so many places I used to know years ago. It is incredibly nostalgic and fun.

Joolz takes you on a quirky London walking tour taking in all the hidden gems which you might otherwise miss! St James Palace to Trafalgar Square is the first of many of his walks featuring many excellent little things you might not notice so be sure to keep an eye out for the stuff in this video.

Joolz guides you on a tailored London walk from Green Park Station past St James Palace, along The Mall and finishing at Admiralty Arch, just beside Trafalgar Square. In this video you will see London’s Smallest Square, London’s oldest Wine Shop, Nell Gwynn’s House, a Nazi dog and the Stinky Duke of York as well as a secret citadel from where Winston Churchill conducted the second world war.

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