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Newsroom: Tech firms and 17 govts back Christchurch Call – but, just consider this -your Super Fund just pressured major corporates!


From Newsroom

Major tech companies have pledged to review the way their algorithms are funnelling users toward extremist content and to share their findings with each other, as part of the agreement reached overnight, reports RNZ’s Jo Moir from Paris.

Tech company and world leaders have signed an unprecedented Christchurch Call agreement to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

OK, so what you might ask – especially as the agreement is not legally binding. It may well be that US domiciled companies are in fact forbidden by the US Constitution and law to comply any way. That I am unsure about.

Ms Ardern has called on them to report progress regularly to governments.

Again, so what

Here, is a rather more worrying development

New Zealand and global investors worth more than $NZ5 trillion are uniting to put pressure on companies who have signed up to the Christchurch Call.

Launched alongside the summit in Paris overnight, the New Zealand Super Fund has coordinated the investor group, worth more than 15 times the GDP of the New Zealand economy.

Why is the NZ Super Fund acting as an activist for the NZ Government?

Is this action allowed by law?

Even if allowed by law, why are they doing it?

What pressure has been applied to NZ Super and other funds?

This smells.

If they do this, what next/ Is your super and Kiwisaver now only to be invested in what the political regime of the day approves?

Why are no media concerns being raised about this?



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