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CNN: Barr yet again acts as Trump’s lawyer


AG William Barr demonstrates again that Barr is Trump’s poodle

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin blasts Attorney General William Barr, who spoke on Fox News about President Trump’s characterization of the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt

Barr is a disgrace and should be held to account

  1. 22/05/2019 19:26

    Adam, you’ll just have to accept that no matter what you post, this Hunter bloke will piss all over the carpet and say the dog did it.

    He cheers as Trump lights the fire that will destroy the American Republic. Trump is a lying, thieving, raping, wife beating, thug. I am still wondering which of these attributes most attract him to Trump.


  2. Tom Hunter permalink
    20/05/2019 12:09

    And you also might want to watch this TV interview with Barr.

    It’s pretty clear that given his experience he’s not in the least intimidated by all the catcalls from the Democrats and their Media Operatives with Bylines. He’s appointing investigators who will follow-up on the reports of the FBI and CIA Inspector Generals with regard to legal prosecution. He even cracked a joke the other day with Nancy Pelosi as to whether she’d bought the handcuffs when they met. She laughed also, which is just another indicator that she knows the game being played here also.

    The Democrats know all this and are running scared, the word “Spying” being the magic boo word for them. But all the abuse in the world about being “Trump’s attorney” is not going to put this guy off. He’s coming for them and this time it’s the likes of Clapper, Brennan, Ohr, Comey and company who are going to have to “lawyer up”.


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