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Republican Congressman makes good points – calls out Barr, Trump and lack of principled politicians – calls for Trump’s impeachment


An interesting Twitter thread from Rep Justin Amash .

Andrew Desiderio wrote an articleat Politico about Amash and his stance – Michigan GOP congressman says Trump’s conduct impeachable

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash became the first Republican lawmaker to declare that President Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses and that Attorney General William Barr “deliberately misrepresented” special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Amash, whose libertarian views often put him at odds with Trump and his fellow Republicans, posted a series of tweets Saturday afternoon outlining positions that even some Democrats have been unwilling to embrace — an extraordinary development that comes as Democratic leaders face increasing pressure from progressives to launch impeachment proceedings.

Wikipedia describes Amash

Justin A. Amash  is an American attorney and Republican member of Congress. In January 2011 he began serving as the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district. The district includes Grand Rapids.

First elected to Congress in 2010, Amash previously served in the Michigan House of Representatives representing the 72nd District, which is centered on the city of Kentwood and includes his home in Cascade Township as well as the townships of Caledonia, and Gaines. As of January 2016 Amash is the seventh youngest U.S. Representative. He is chair of the House Liberty Caucus. Amash has been described and self-identifies as a libertarian Republican 

Amash calls Trump’s actions grounds for impeachment. You just know Amash is on the right track because #DerangedDonald tweeted

Here is the full Twitter thread from Amash


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