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RNZ Mediawatch: Christchurch Call and Response


Predictably Mediawatch had a substantial piece on the programme yesterday about the Christchurch Call.

However,it was less predictable in the content of the piece. The segment was an excellent one. It was not the fawning mush that we saw from much of the NZ media on this matter.

Now, I might be inclined to grade the segment as excellent because it drew attention to some of the concerns I have raised in some of my posts, on the issue. However,it made several other comments as well, including the barring of media from most of the proceedings.

The website article is here and is well worth reading and the links are very useful.

The audio is interesting as it includes at the start some comments by Patrick Gower on White Supremacy

It seems that Facebook remains the tech company many love to hate.

Of especial interest were the comments by Dr Courtney Radsch.

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