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Shane Jones more dodginess and some media deflection


Stuff runs an article by Hamish Rutherford – Shane Jones lobbied for trucking firm to be allowed to bypass hiring in NZ first.

In public, Shane Jones plays the role of a populist, repeatedly railing against the use of migrant labour.

But it has emerged that in 2018, Jones privately lobbied a Cabinet colleague on behalf of an associate who was seeking accredited employer status from Immigration New Zealand.

The high profile NZ First MP appears to have done so after he had been briefed that the company, owned by former Whangārei Mayor Stan Semenoff, faced investigation by the safety regulator which could see it ordered off the road. Jones has also become involved in that case, raising accusations of interfering with a government prosecution.

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So it seems that Jones has been caught out meddling on behalf of his cousin again. Note as well this piece in the latest article, after Minister Jones lobbied his colleague Iain Lees-Galloway:

Lees-Galloway checked with Immigration New Zealand and was told the application had been turned down four days before Jones met him.

“This decision was an operational one …[which] is not subject to Ministerial Discretion or other override.”

After an official from Jones’ office wrote seeking an update, Lees-Galloway’s office later called Jones “to explain that I had no ability to override the decision”.

Surely Lees-Galloway should have turned Jones down immediately?

Why did he check with Immigration NZ?

Why did Jones appear to apply further pressure by getting his office to send a follow-up?

So what do we get this morning on Garner’s morning show – as reported on the Newshub website Shane Jones rubbishes claim colonialism is to blame for family violence

But the headline is misleading, because Garner starts the club by running PR for Jones and his involvement in a domestic violence dispute. Now Jones clearly took a good position hear, but interesting it came out today when yesterday he was under fire on Stuff.

Newshub yet again seems to be the ‘go to’ broadcaster for some politcians.

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