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Tweet for Today: another lie from Deranged Donald


A retweet from George Conway as Deranged Donald lies again


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  1. Tom Hunter permalink
    20/05/2019 11:32

    From Politico

    Then-President Barack Obama urged Trump not to hire Flynn in a meeting two days after the election, claiming he was problematic and prone to having crazy ideas, according to officials from both administrations. Sally Yates, Trump’s acting attorney general until he fired her days after taking office, testified to senators in 2017 that she had warned Trump that Flynn could be “compromised” by his ties to the Russians.

    Niether of which refer to Flynn being under investigation. Both are opinions.

    In the case of Obama, the CIA was already angry with Flynn for ripping them over missing the rise of ISIS, so payback was in order.

    In the case of Yates, the “ties” she spoke of were the same as those of many other D.C. politicians of both parties, including Hillary Clinton. Pretty hard to work in that area and not have some sort of connections via talking with numerous firends and enemies of the USA.

    And MSNBC again? You constantly rail against the MSM tongue-bath coverage of Adern because you have little time for her – while at the same time you constantly applaud the MSM hate-fest on Trump because you also hate him.

    Here’s the thing: even though separated by thousands of kilometres, the MSM folk are the same people – and they’re very much opposed to most of what you appear to believe.


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