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Hate Speech or Humour?


Two years after an offensive tweet masquerading as ‘humour’ Guy Williams,partner of Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, retweets the joke with an apology.

However, this tweet of ‘apology’ comes a few days after the abuse heaped on David Seymour MP by many for being critical of Ms Ghahraman, which criticism was supposedly directly responsible for her needing a security guard.

Here is the tweet by Williams

Now I find this apology by Williams reeks of insincerity and looks more like an attempt at damage control by Williams and Ghahraman, because it reveals the hypocrisy of much that Ghahraman says about ‘hate speech’

As a committed proponent of free speech I have no problem with what Williams originally tweeted, it was distasteful but revealed Williams as basically a shallow, nasty person masquerading as a comedian. However, in a free society which I support he can say and write such drivel.

The apology by Williams just doesn’t ring true,especially when you look at the pattern of Williams past tweets.

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