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This is crap: Truants seek to justify their stupidity


At The Spinoff we get this piece of garbage from two truants:

Today students all around New Zealand will be striking for the climate again. As two of the organisers, one question we’ve been asked near constantly is “why strike again?” We’re striking again to raise awareness around the issue of climate change, as well as to get the attention of the government and those in power to accept our four demands:

– That the government acknowledges the magnitude of the climate crisis by declaring a climate emergency. This move will set the narrative for the urgent pace at which we need to act on climate change, but must uphold our democratic systems and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Rubbish – TOW has noting to do with climate change. A declaration of emergency is meaningless

– That all parties in parliament support passing an ambitious zero carbon act into law that puts into place a legally enforceable plan to get to carbon zero by 2040.

This is bullshit, These idiots seem to ignore that fact that their approach will destroy the economy

– That the government ceases all new exploration and extraction of fossil fuels, including not granting extensions on existing permits.

Crap, apart from being economic vandalism we will then have to import even more fuels, unless these stupid people propose we revert to primitive living.

– That the government invests in building a renewable and regenerative economy now. This includes immediate investment in retraining and the provision of alternative jobs in clean, sustainable industries that do not harm the ecosystems on which we depend for survival.

The government is not a job provider unless you live in an authoritarian and/or fascist state. Furthermore the destruction these fools wish to visit upon the economy means there will be no money for their fantasies.

They are not striking they are being truants

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