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Some excellent points


Farmers ought to be reasonably happy.

Prices for almost every product except strong wool, are at least reasonable and some are much better.

But farmer confidence is in the doldrums fuelled by anti-farmer sentiment and policies from the government.

The wider business community isn’t very happy either and that mood wasn’t improved by the Prime Minister’s pre-budget speech to Business NZ.

Liam Dann said she played heart strings not purse strings:

. . . But while the event was crowded there was still space for an elephant in the room.

Ardern made a point of acknowledging the “elephant in the room” in her first post-election speech to a business crowd.

That elephant was the business confidence surveys, she said in February 2018. . . 

And so today the gloomy pachyderm sat quietly in the corner, as the PM addressed undeniably important issues such as homelessness and family violence…

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