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Golriz Ghahraman is at it again


Golriz Ghahraman is at it again, look at this tweet

She prates on about hate speech, but claims she is for free speech, but she then tweets this rubbish.

Take the opening to the tweet “Our Green movement, standing as a counter point to the politics of hate and division!’ – this is total rubbish as any casual perusal of for example the Twitter accounts of Ghahraman and her fellow Green Marama Davidson will know, see here for an example

I detest Trump as any reader of my blog will know.

Much as I detest Trump this sort of nonsense from Ghahraman and her ilk is just stupid and indeed counter productive.

Then the faux US lingo ‘banned Trump from his hood’ really grates. Cringe and cringe again.

Ghahraman is, to use an expression deployed by her Green colleague Julie Ann Genter, a fascist, in this instance unlike Genter who referred to what she called car fascists, Ghahraman is a speech and thought fascist. She is a manipulative political animal aided and abetted by a compliant media. See Karl du Fresne’s excellent analysis here.

Clearly, whether she knows it or not, she walks in the footsteps of Josef Goebbels.

Now to be clear, I do not consider Ghahraman, in this instance, indulging in hate speech, but I do think she demonstrates her hypocrisy.

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