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NZ Budget ‘Hack’: Bridges goes on the attack calls for resignations of Robertson and Makhlouf


From RNZ video of Simon Bridges press conference at 8.45 a.m. this morning

Bridges by holding the press conference, dominated the news agenda at the start of Budget Day and sucked further oxygen away from the Ardern regime’s much touted budget.

Simon Bridges says this week’s behaviour by the government was “contemptible” in bringing in the police over the Budget data breach.

Mr Bridges has spoken to media after Treasury said this morning that the Budget breach wasn’t unlawful

He said Treasury knew since Tuesday what had happened and were covering up their “incompetence” and that Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf “must resign”.

He also said Finance Minister Grant Robertson had played politics throughout should also resign as he did not have the “moral authority” to deliver the Budget today.


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