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Oh dear it just gets worse by the hour: The face of the NZ Budget has given up on New Zealand and moved to Australia


From Belinda Feek at NZ Herald

The woman on the cover of the Government’s Wellbeing Budget says she had to give up New Zealand because she couldn’t afford to live here – and moved to Australia.

Vicky Freeman said she got the shock of her life when a friend messaged her two days ago saying there was “a guy” holding her photo on the news.

“A friend just messaged me and said ‘you’re all over the news’. And I was like ‘what, what have I done, I’m not even there’.

“And she’s like I’m sure it’s you and Ruby-Jean and I’m like ‘I don’t think so, I’ve never done an ad for the Budget’.

Grant Robertson’s day just got even worse

Incompetence or total stupidty

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