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BBC Radio Drama: The Tenth Man by Somerset Maugham (airdate 1970)



The Tenth Man by W Somerset Maugham was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 FM on 26th December 1970

George Winter had built a fortune on a simple premise-nine men out of ten are either rogues or fools. But had he thought that one day the tenth man might cross his path?

Adapted by Peggy Wells

Produced by David Geary

Lord Francis Etchingham: Hector Ross Lady Etchingham: Joan Matheson Catherine Winter: Patricia Gallimore George Winter: Clifford Norgate Anne Etchingham: Venetia Maxwell Edward O’Donell: David Robb Thompson: Patrick Tull Robert Colby: Peter Williams Frederick Bennett: Martin Friend The Prime Minister: Carleton Hobbs Swalecliffe: Michael Kilgarriff Ford: Gerald Cross Colonel Boyce: Charles Simon

Saturday-Night Theatre BBC Radio 4 FM, 26 December 1970

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