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Cape Up – a podcast: Voices of the Movement – #5 – Women of the Civil Rights Movement


From Jonathan Capehart at Washington Post

The veterans of the civil rights movement made history, but they are eager for you to know something: They didn’t set out to be heroes or icons. On two occasions this year, these brave men and women gathered to reflect on their experiences and the legacy they’re leaving — for people like me who benefited from their courage and for the kids growing up in today’s shifting world.

Some of them are names you know, some aren’t — but all of them have stories that need to be told while they’re still here to tell them.

This audio series from the “Cape Up” podcast brings you the stories and reflections of some of these leaders, and their lessons on where we go from here.

Episode 5 – Women of the Civil Rights Movement

Rep. Barbara Lee and Andrew Young explain why women are so often eliminated from civil rights stories — and why that’s so wrong.



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