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Reject blanket afforestation of farmland


Excellent post, highlights Greens and Labour’s lack of knowledge of the realities.The afforestation approach makes a mockery of the PGF and claims that this government wants a vibrant economy.


Government policy which subsidises forestry is a bigger threat to food production, rural communities and the New Zealand economy than the ag-sag of the 1980s.

North Otago was particularly hard-hit by the stripping of subsidies that coincided with high interest rates and soaring inflation.

Many farms were too small to be economic and the district was plagued by recurring droughts.

Predictions that farmers would be driven off the land in great numbers proved to be an exaggeration. But many jobs on farm and in businesses that serviced and supplied them were lost and very few of the farmers’ adult children who left the district for education or work returned.

Farmers gradually adjusted to life without subsidies and are stronger for it. Inflation and interest rates returned to manageable levels, irrigation provided protection from droughts and created jobs on and off farm.

There will be no recovery and resurgence of rural…

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  1. 10/06/2019 11:51

    This is one of the most serious issues facing not just farming and rural communities but the whole of NZ. The afforestation before farming policy goes against the science and is anything but sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally.


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