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Sloppy Journalism #8: HoS runs vomit inducing piece of flummery about Ardern


Never to be outdone in worshipping the Ardern menage or Saint Jacinda as Martin van Beynen anointed her in his piece of cringe in Stuffthe Herald rushes in with this piece of crap.

First of all though what was the banner on the HoS this Sunday – including the headline

Prime Miniature – Travelling with the First Baby

Prime Minia­ture

Prime Miniature – Give me strength – this is so crap

So it was clearly a bad week for Ardern and the Coalition. Therefore the major media obliged with major fluff items extolling Ardern.

Stuff took the line that she was a saint and better than JFK.
HoS went for the family and the nonsense about the First Baby and The First Man.

(Excuse me whilst I go and vomit)

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