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MSNBC – Ari Melber: President Donald Trump: I Think ‘I’d Take’ Foreign Help For 2020


Trump again invites impeachment – in 2019 this is what US politics has become, a degrading spectacle of lies, law breaking and potentially compliant courts  and politicians. The Founders should be turning in their graves.

What happened to the much vaunted Constitution and the famous checks and balances?


In a new interview, President Trump says he would take help and information on 2020 opponents from foreigners like Russia or China. Trump says “there’s nothing wrong with listening” and defends his son, Donald Trump Jr. for not calling the FBI about his Trump Tower meeting with Russians. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, joins Ari saying the comments are “dangerous” and Trump “doesn’t understand the motivation” from these countries.

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