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Martin van Beynen becomes Pope and elevates Ardern to sainthood – Part I


In an opinion piece at Stuff, Martin van Beynen goes full bore lickspittle in his column about Ardern being effectively unbeatable at the 2020 election.

There’s a long way to go before next year’s election but already Jacinda Ardern looks unbeatable.

So van Beynen is effectively saying that despite the ongoing catalogue of errors, incompetence and lies – Ardern is unbeatable. Is he auditioning for Fox News? Effectively with his comment Ardern is being compared to Trump .

He goes on

You might think this is a bit early to be talking about next year’s election but we’ve just had a mid-term budget and this week I was reading about John F Kennedy, the American president assassinated in 1963, and saw this memo written by his aide, Arthur Schlesinger Jr: “The character and the repute of President Kennedy constitute one of our greatest national resources. Nothing should be done to jeopardise this invaluable asset. When lies must be told, they should be told by subordinate officials.”

Then van Beynen totally flips his lid:

It strikes me that Ardern actually has more of what JFK had and has done a lot of other things right. And for the moment it’s probably more accurate to talk about Ardern rather than Labour.

To compare Ardern to JFK is nonsensical.

To rephrase Lloyd Bentsen’s great putdown of Dan Quayle in a Vice-Presidential debate :

I remember john Kennedy, Jacinda Ardern is no John Kennedy

Before the election, commentators wrote about Ardern’s stardust and many expected it to dissipate in the trenches of daily political life. But it hasn’t, as her standing overseas attests. Her genuine and empathetic handling of the mosque shootings showed her leadership mettle and added to what can only be called her moral authority.

Moral authority, what moral authority. She obfuscates, lies and shows no real ability at all.  Her ‘authority’ is dependent on a sycophantic and enabling media and their collective blindness to her many shortcomings.

Then he really loses the plot:

 but for most New Zealanders who care about fairness and decency, Ardern is as good a patron saint as it gets. She represents a world view that increasingly seems to have the monopoly on caring.

Ardern a patron saint. Give me strength . What a piece of bilge Who says only the Ardern’s of this world and their fellow travellers have a monopoly on caring. What an arrogant, bullshit remark

Part II will follow at a later date



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