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Sloppy Journalism #10: Stuff runs two pieces of sycophantic crap about Ardern and the ‘bubs’


Earlier I posted on the Herald’s most recent piece of sycophantic fawning over Ardern, but lo and behold The Sunday Star Times has a piece of crap, masquerading as an ‘opinion piece’ written by Michelle Duff plus the Duff piece had the puke making headline in the print edition – Neve’s 12 months in office. Then there was another lot of garbage from Emily Brookes  headlined  – The first baby’s first year: Memorable moments as Neve Ardern Gayford turns one

So despite Audrey Young in NZ Herald positing that this week was a good one for the Ardern regime – which conclusion I find hard to accept ( see as an example) , the week was book-ended by fluff and puff about Ardern, Gayford and the baby.

Yet again we had the ‘bubs’ nonsense as well as the First Baby crap. This whole thing is just getting out of control.

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