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The Detail – a podcast from RNZ/ Newsroom: What’s happening with Auckland’s port?


A Podcast from RNZ and Newsroom

This podcast was summarised on the RNZ website thus:

Every year roughly 300,000 vehicles land at Ports of Auckland, 1500 ships call, and almost 1 million containers pass through. No wonder it’s bursting at the seams.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about its future – the cars should be moved to Northport; the whole operation should all be moved and replaced with a stadium, apartments and parks; the city wants it to stay; Auckland needs the income.

From my perspective I would prefer that the port operations are split, as i think the cost implications and logistics of moving everything to Northport are not supportable. I think much of the operation is better moved to Tauranga with a substantial upgrade of the Wiri facilities and improved road and rail links to Tauranga.

A working group is due to report back to the government this month on the future of freight forwarding in the upper North Island. Creating a vehicle importing hub at Northport is one of a dozen options it is looking at. The group will give more detailed costings and recommendations in September.

The NZ Herald’s Auckland specialist Simon Wilson says the port is outgrowing its site and in 20 years will have to start thinking about moving – the move might take 50 years


For once I agree with Simon Wilson, a rare event, but in this instance he is correvt.

I am filled with trepidation as to what might replace the port, as Auckland’s track record with large developments is not such as to inspire any degree of confidence.

According to Newsroom,

Newsroom has been commissioned by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund to produce a new daily news podcast designed to explain the stories behind the headlines. 

Called ‘The Detail’, it aims to help listeners dive deeper into the big stories to help give an understanding of what’s really going on. We will pick out the news that matters and explain it in detail and in context.

The Detail will be fronted by journalists Sharon Brettkelly and Alex Ashton, and produced by Alexia Russell. We will be drawing on not only Newsroom’s award-winning journalists, but the best reporters from throughout the country; along with experts in their fields.


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