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Hisco: #1 – Some background


From RNZ – First Up – 18062019

ANZ Bank won’t say whether its Chief executive David Hisco was forced to step down over a disagreement about his claim for personal expenses. The country’s highest paid bank boss stepped down at the end of May citing ill health, but in a shock announcement yesterday, it was revealed there were concerns about his personal expenses dating back several years. In dispute is tens-of-thousands of dollars for chauffeur-driven cars and wine storage. Sir John Key, who chairs the ANZ board, told a press conference yesterday Mr Hisco does not accept the bank’s position about his entitlement for the expenses, or its concerns about the way they’ve been accounted for over a nine-year period. Joining us now is Newsroom’s business commentator Bernard Hickey.

Bernard Hickey runs an attack on John Key cloaked under some faux concerns, but it failed to adequately address governance issues or explore inter-group relationships. Hickey seemed much more focused on John Key, rather than Hisco or the undelying issues.

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  1. H. Skelton permalink
    21/06/2019 21:15

    Where were the Board in this fiasco? Seems asleep at the wheel


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