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Sloppy Journalism #12: One News runs ‘fluff and puff’ pushing Ardern’s major PR weapon – the baby!


So now One News joins the descent into the treacly mass of sycophancy and spin that passes for much of journalism in NZ these days. what makes this worse is that this media outlet is owned by the state and gets funding from the state. Thus I am deeply suspicious of why they ran this piece of ‘fluff and puff’ which featured Gayford boasting about their relationship with Prince William – the cringemaking headline was this Clarke Gayford reveals ‘amazing gift’ from Neve’s royal birthday twin. What a piece of absolute tosh

Sadly the article was even worse, replete with video clip from the appalling Breakfast show and an even lengthier segment from Seven Sharp

Of course this piece, dated 21 June, ran at the end of a week of various negative comment on the Ardern regime. See for example

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