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Martin van Beynen becomes Pope and elevates Ardern to sainthood – Part II


Following on my earlier posts see Martin van Beynen becomes Pope and elevates Ardern to sainthood – Part I

As an aside I spent sometime on this post, and the due to an error on my part I lost Part II and had to rewrite it. That was a real pain. However, it allowed me to think again about some points and change the emphasis in a few places.

I think what really irritates me about this article is that it is political fustian, i.e. it is meaningless drivel and fawning sycophancy masquerading as opinion and makes assumptions which are treated as fact.

Ironically Ardern, with her emphasis on kindness and looking after the least of us, demonstrates the values that more overtly religious people should pride themselves on

Let us look at this for a moment, this statement is flawed, because van Beynen trumpets Ardern’s self-proclaimed virtues as providing some sought of moral beacon we should follow.

However, let us consider that statement in the contest of a statement he made and which I referred to in my earlier post

Then he really loses the plot:

 but for most New Zealanders who care about fairness and decency, Ardern is as good a patron saint as it gets. She represents a world view that increasingly seems to have the monopoly on caring.

Ardern a patron saint. Give me strength . What a piece of bilge Who says only the Ardern’s of this world and their fellow travellers have a monopoly on caring. What an arrogant, bullshit remark

This piece of poppycock is so far off the mark. It is propaganda pure and simple.

First of all people like Ardern with her views do not have a monopoly on caring. That is a message which plays well on the left and with the gullible, but it is not true.

Sir Bill English, first as Finance Minister and then as Prime Minister drove a social investment approach which was focused on helping the disadvantaged in a meaningful way. Furthermore the Key/English governments raised benefits and put money into Whānau Ora – which in someways could be described as ‘wellbeing’ in action.

Martin van Beynen seems to have bought into Ardern’s PR spin as bolster by adulatory media pieces both in NZ and overseas, especially in The Guardian, often penned by Ardern luvvie Eleanor Ainge Roy e.g.

Ardern wears a hijab and hugs people and that makes her a leader and a moral authority.


Looking concerned and dressing up is not leadership. Indeed some writers have been critical of Ardern’s hijab gesture.

For example,Mariam Khan wrote in The Guardian

I’ve also been criticised for telling white women that a gesture such as wearing a hijab for a single day might be problematic, because it centres on themselves and in many cases co-opts the only part of someone’s identity they are familiar with.

Performative solidarity isn’t enough. People died and no amount of empathy is going to bring them back. Those standing in solidarity need to understand that they should use their everyday privilege to truly tackle Islamophobia in the long term, in its myriad daily manifestations. Just rocking up for one day and then forgetting about the Islamophobic world we exist in is not good enough. The kind of solidarity being shown in the west risks becoming a self-regarding state of “wokeness”

Hardly a ringing endorsement of our ‘patron saint’.

I will leave it there for today, as I have had enough of van Beynen’s tripe for today.

Part III will emerge in due course.



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